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Took A Break And Went To Mexico

Hey everyone! I took a break from the Salvage Space for the month of May and went to Mexico. I went to the Maya Riviera. The whole experience started on a whim and I ended up staying at a 5-diamond resort which honestly, I didn't know was even a thing. I am now able to check Chichen Itza off the bucket list and it was one of the most intellectually stimulating trips I have been on for quite some time. There was a phase in my life when I was pretty fluent in Spanish and while recently being in an environment surrounded by it again, I had forgotten that the Spanish language has the ability to express and communicate more complex ideas and notions much more than English ever could. I love that! I was even motivated to enroll in school again to retake all my college Spanish courses. Wish me luck on my post grad academic career. Lol!

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