• Dr. V

You Have Value!

Something I notice often is that when a person is not romantically or sexually available, a large portion of society deems them as not having value. Discarded and at times socially shunned. Assigning this disregard to those unavailable to one’s primal intention is truly an unfortunate and pathetic way to move through life! In a time where we are more isolated than ever, we need as many great people on our side and part of our support system that we can get!! We should all be thankful that anyone allows us to communicate with them and be in their life at all. It means they genuinely care and we need ALL the care! Having authentic and caring people around might even help us figure out some personal issues and how to interact with others in a more healthy way. For example, they might be able to shed some light on a myriad of personality problems that could be acting as our very own cockblock and prevent future tantrums related to being #friendzoned (oh the disappointment and flaccidity🥀that follows that phrase) Friends are our buildings blocks in life and you never know what kind of connections will unfold, who they will introduce you to, or how friendships can progress. Don’t prevent beneficial relationships from happening by misplacing the value of others all for the sake of busting a nut. Upgrade your thought patterns! Upgrade your life!! #psa #support #system #community #unity #valuable #quotes

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