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Thanks To Everyone That Supported The SUNDOWN Event

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Sundown was super great this past week. I was so happy to see all the positive vibes, dancers, and met some great new music friends. I had multiple people ask how long I've been involved with music therapy the other night so I'll drop some info sparkles in this post.

I've been involved with music since the age of 5. I was classically trained in violin and music therapy. However, my alt life interests overshadowed tradition and I began producing my own radio show to share the alternative perspective via audio experience. I taught myself how to use turntables pre-serato and mix/beat match for my radio show. That led to playing and planning alternative nightlife events at pretty much every venue in the area for several years. Don't you know real DJs were the OG life coach...last night a DJ saved my life! Heeeeeeeey! #Altlife #represent Currently, I still host music and dance therapy sessions in IRL here and there so keep checking URL to catch the next one:)

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