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Fluid And Undulating: It's Almost 2019

Updated: Feb 1, 2019


I've made it a point to not do anything on New Year's Eve for the past several years but there is no time like the present to change your routine. Also, it never hurts to personally reach out to people to ask them to be involved and incentives are always a plus! There are a ton of events happening tonight as usual however, there is one that will be my primary selection for festivities.

Here is a video with more info:)

For the record, you can put on sequins or a suit, sparkle up, glow up, and do whatever the fuck you want at any time of the year, for any reason. You can book badass performers and create a super fun event and generate excitement at any time of the year. You can catch a kiss at midnight on any day. You can have a champagne fountain, a chocolate fountain, a tickle tunnel, and a whip cream pool any day of the year... AND you can make a self promise to #upgradeyourlife (new year's resolution) multiple times through out the day, everyday if you want. It's ok to break free of the expected and self made traditions and go with the flow.

Whatever you decide to get into, always remember #negativeenergyout!

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