• Dr. V

Celebrity Youth Routine

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

People ask me all the time, "You always look so great! What's your secret?" Well I'll tell you! In my earlier years I was a #dancer daaah-ling. A student and then professional of many genres and styles of the art form. Dance is an important and integral part of life that everyone should embrace... even the shy and introverted, even those that feel like there isn't a speck of rhythm rattling around in those bones of yours. There is no need to express yourself in the form of movement in front of others but at least let yourself do a little shake or wiggle during your alone time. You have to keep that chi flowing, plus you'll probably enjoy yourself a little more each time you do it! Sizzles!!

I'll be providing examples of movements you can do pretty much anywhere at any time. So follow this space on the internet and get my world renowned alternative life and style guidance.

Tip: Do what feels right to you! #Idowhatiwant

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