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An Internet Moment In Review

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Hanging in the URL garden #umbrellastraw

I know what you are asking yourself. How did SHE become such a successful life coach on the Internet? Well first and foremost, I'm not really into the title of life "coach" or guide all that much. I use that term because that is what the followers are able to understand but in all honesty I consider myself to be #cuntrepreneur!

Where does one even begin to have the cuntiness to do this absurd shit on the internet? WeIl, it's been a journey but I'll share a tidbit. Guuuurl, I was initially gagged (and not in a good way) for what seemed like a long time, but really it only ended up being about 2 weeks, by the plethora of internet clutter related to #lifeimprovement and #spirituality. There are a myriad of "coach" type titles floating around and I went through and clicked on most of them BUT I didn't find any that I related to. In fact, a lot of them were just not up to par with my cult of internet requirements. There was just a slurry of bland greige barf worthy pop facade bits of the bare minimum #lifestyle content sitting on top of the interwebs. Just what are you all typing in your search bars?!? Anyway, what was discovered on the Clearnet just was not stimulating enough for a true experiencer of the multiple dimensions of the matrix. Since I have a Ph.D. in life and several other degrees in internet, ethnomusicology, movement, and psychology, I just decided to be the person I was looking for and went full on cuntrepreneur. Ta-da!

Here is a special holiday sprinkle just for you!

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